Our Services

Commercial & Sourcing Advisory

Helping procure and structure Tech Services Arrangements and Business Service Arrangements. Our Involvement often includes vendor strategy, deal structuring, market sounding, go-to-market support, competitive co-design and bid evaluation and moderation.

Negotiation & Contract Closing

Developing negotiation plans, leading negotiations, and coaching client negotiation teams. We also work closely with client legal advisors to compile supplier contracts and schedules based on our database of more than 1,000 contemporary IT/Business Services agreements.

Assurance & Benchmarking

Reviewing planned and inflight Technology Services programs and providing expert findings and recommendations regarding price, design, delivery and roadmaps. Our pricing assurance services make use of both ANZ and Global pricing data to complete comprehensive pricing reviews.

Supplier Relationship and Contract Management

We can provide Contract Management services on demand which will have us driving the performance of the contract, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks. Not only do we review current performance, but we also work with Service Providers to forward plan, innovate, and ensure the best possible level of service for the customer.

Program Delivery & Turnaround

Filling a variety of client-side project roles including delivery assurance, program management, technical advisory, quality assurance and governance oversight. We are often brought in to help bring underperforming programs back on track. Our team has been involved in some of the most successful turnarounds in the ANZ market.

Procurement as a Service

Standing up procurement activities, supplementing existing capability or reinvigorating lagging processes. We can dedicate a team of procurement professionals to help you fast track your processes, provide insight to contemporary sourcing trends, and give your process some new life.

Contract Review and Cost Reduction

Reviewing your IT and outsourcing contracts against our Next Generation Contracting standards and identifying ways to improve the commercial model and reduce the cost of your contract. This includes spend analysis, benchmarking, cost model review and leading the negotiation to reduce the overall spend and improve commercial measures.

Market Analysis

If you are unsure what product or service will meet your business needs, then we can help by providing in depth knowledge of what is available on the market and also organise market sounding processes to hear the latest trends and innovations directly from potential suppliers.

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