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Beaconfield ANZ Market Reviews

Beaconfield regularly releases or updates its Australian New Zealand market “trends and directions reports”.  The following is a list of upcoming reports (please note that previous year’s reports are available for most of the subjects below.) Please contact for additional information.

June 2020 

ANZ Infrastructure Management & Cloud Services

Detailing key provider offerings in terms of Cloud Migration, Data Centre as-a-Service, Cyber Security, Next Generation Monitoring, Design, and Run services.

BFP - IMS1.png

August 2020

ANZ IT Service Desk & Workplace Services

Detailing key provider service offerings in terms of Multi-Channel Support, new techniques (AR, AI etc), and expansion to workplace services.


October 2020

ANZ Digital Banking Applications

Profiling the next-generation of Digital Banking Applications including a detailed functional comparison of standard, mid-range, and full suite offerings and description of cloud-based and as-a-Service offerings.

This report is currently in market and will be released in October 2020

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 7.11.54 pm.png

December 2020

ANZ End User Computing Services

Detailing End User Computing (EUC) offerings from Tech Service Providers, EUC Specialists, and Hardware manufactures and highlighting market trends in virtualisation, Desktop-as-a-Service, and bundling of device leasing, support, and device recycling.

BFP - EUC.png

February 2021

ANZ Customer Experience, Telephony, and Omni-Channel Services

Detailing key providers of customer experience management and contact centres, including multi-channel and digital communications. Also highlights ANZ specific “on-shore” and “off-shore” niche-players.

BFP - CX.png

April  2021

ANZ CRM and Marketing Automation

Comparing CRM and Marketing offerings from Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Pega, and others. Also includes industry specific considerations as well as wider technology architecture choices.

BFP - CRM.png
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