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Beaconfield Partners is a specialty Advisory Firm helping organisations in Australia get the most out of Technology investments.

We are passionate about helping both "buyers" and "sellers" of Technology complete complex transactions. Our Partners and Staff have experience on both sides of the negotiating table.

Many of our Partners have held senior positions with Technology Service Vendors or with have been responsible for technology purchases in Government or large corporations.

Beaconfield maintains a deals database which tracks more than 400 recent transactions in the ANZ market.

We have pioneered “Mode 2” Digital procurement techniques and many of our engagements involve assisting organisations with the adoption emerging technologies.

Free Negotiating Plan

Why not get insight into the latest technology commercial arrangements? 
In as little as 24 hours Beaconfield can produce a negotiating plan based on our database of more than 400 recent technology deals.  This plan will include a plan tailored to your specific situation, and highlight strategies and tactics that we have found effective with in similar situations.

Reaching a Deal






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